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We want to hear from you, and we welcome comments on almost all of our sites. Additionally, on many of our sites we have forms where you can submit your site with a little review about it. These site submissions are then reviewed by our editors, and if they follow our guidelines, are published within a week or so (on average!) But we are not just looking for site reviews: we also want your kid-friendly jokes, your holiday stories, your guest blog posts and so on. Here is a round-up of all the user submission forms throughout the network. Submit Educational Site Review: Have you found (or created) a terrific site for kids? Please share it with us. We only accept sites (in English) with free, fun, educational content for kids and families. Our editors are VERY picky. Don’t even bother submitting commercial or non-educational sites. Submit a Joke: We want to hear your clean, funny kids jokes! Submit a Quote: Do you have a favorite educational or inspirational quote you’d like to share? Here’s the place to do so!

Surf Net Parents Guest Blogger Program: Are you a writer or a blogger? Do you have something to share with the world? Why not submit a guest blog post? You may write about any aspect of parenting and family, or anything that would be of interest to parents. We are looking for first-person posts written in a blogging, editorial, or columnist style WITHOUT commercial links.

Submit a Valentine’s Day Site at Show us some love and share that special Valentine’s day site that you know of or one that you have created and nurtured with all the love appropriate for such a holiday. Presidential Site Review: Be true to the founders of this great land and share with us a site that celebrates President’s Day in style. Whether or not you made it yourself, we would love to see what you have found! Submit a Site: Know of a great Passover site? Have a favorite place you like to visit for all things Passover related? Did you create the most awesome Passover site you’ve ever seen? Here’s your opportunity to share it with the rest of the world!

Share your Easter Memories at One of the stories I always share with my children during the Easter season is the “ugliest egg” contest my brother and I used to have. Do you have Easter memories you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them! Submit a Site: Uncle Sam is looking for your Independence Day website! Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but we would love for you to share your 4th of July favorites with us! Submit a Site: Share some family friendly spooky fun with us by sharing your favorite Halloween site. Whether home-made or store bought is no matter, just make sure they are all about All Hallows Eve!

Share Thanksgiving Memories at Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love the smell of delicious food wafting through the air all day and the family gathered around in anticipation. What are your favorite memories? Do you have a special Thanksgiving story? Won’t you share them with us? Submit a Site: Do you know of a great Thanksgiving Day website? Have you made on of your own? Don’t be shy, go ahead and share it with the rest of us! This way we can all enjoy some Thanksgiving yumminess and we won’t need to worry about counting calories! Submit a Site: Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is right around the corner! Are you ready? If you are you should share your secret… or at least share your favorite Christmas sites!

Share your Christmas Memories at Hot chocolate with marshmallows by a toasty fire. Milk and cookies on the mantle. The stockings all hung in their place. What are your favorite Christmas memories? Have a tradition you’d like to share? Here’s the place. We’d love to hear all your Christmas stories. Submit a Site: Ever wanted to share your favorite Hanukkah site with the rest of the world? This is the place you! Step right up and fill out the form! Submit Craft Recipe: Do you know how to make Play Dough? How about bubbles or soap? Or maybe you’ve got some other great kids craft recipe. Why not share it with us over at Submit Craft Site: Here’s a great place to share all those great websites that specialize in kids crafts. Whether it be ideas for what to make or instructions on how to make all the things you never knew you never knew how to make, share them here! Submit Site: The hundredth day of school is a milestone worth celebrating. If you know of a site that shares your enthusiasm for this special day, please share them here. Submit Activity: Not only is the hundredth day of school a milestone, but it’s also a great teaching opportunity. If you have a fun activity or a lesson plan you’ve come up with for this special day, please do share it with us here! Share Your Parenting Blog or Site: Do you blog about parenting? Do you have a favorite parenting site you visit? Maybe you’ve made a parenting website yourself. No matter which, we’d love for you to share them with us at SurfNetParents! Submit a Site: Surprise! There’s a Zombie site too! Do you enjoy Zombies as much as the next guy? Know of a great site that celebrates these fascinating creatures? Here’s your chance to share it! Submit a Site: Here’s your place to share your love of all things math! If you’re a math nerd and know all the best places to go don’t keep them all to yourself! Submit a Site: Kids need to learn to type younger and younger these days. Do you know of a great site that will help accomplish the task? Do tell!