Audience Metrics and the rest of the sites in the Feldman Publishing network attract three loyal audiences: teachers, parents and kids. Our visitors LOVE us! When looking at the following numbers, note the time on site, the pages per visit, and the percent of returning visitors. Traffic
Six Months: 01/01/2012 to 06/30/2012
4,110,892 Visits
13,492,055 Pageviews
3.28 Pages/Visit
56.85% Bounce Rate
00:03:24 Avg. Time on Site
66.35% New Visits
33.35% Repeat Visits Traffic Sources
22.55% Direct Traffic (NOTE: This is a combination of folks that type our URL directly into their browser, and folks who clicked on links in our email newsletters.)

16.18% Brand Name Search (NOTE: These are search engine visitors who searched for some variation of “Surfnetkids.” These raving fans spent an average of 06:42 minutes on the site, viewing an average of 6.19/pages per visit. Wow!)

53.87% All Other Search Traffic (excluding Brand Name Search)

Audience Interests/Affinity

So who exactly is the Surfnetkids audience? Here are some of their interests, as analyzed by DoubleClick Ad Planner. The affinity number is indicative of how much MORE interested they are in the topic than the general population. So, for example, these figures tell us that the audience is 10.5 times MORE interested in teaching resources than the general population.

Teaching & Classroom Resources 10.5x
Driving & Racing Games 8.6x
Educational Software 6.5x
Family-Oriented Games & Activities 6.4x
Online Games 6.0x
Mathematics 6.0x
Children’s Literature 6.0x
Strategy Games 5.9x
Shooter Games 5.8x
Educational Resources 5.4x


Gender Demographics: July 2011
Gender Demographics: July 2011
Age Distribution: July 2011
Age Distribution: July 2011
Education Levels: July 2011
Education Levels: July 2011
Income Distribution: July 2011
Income Distribution: July 2011

*Traffic numbers from Google Analytics. All other demographics collected by DoubleClick Ad Planner.