Holiday Fun for February

Solana Beach, CA (ExpertClick) Feb 04, 2011

Don’t look now, but more weather is on the way. You’ll want to batten down the hatches, button up your coat and get ready for that storm that’s a brewin’. February is chock-full of passion. From Valentine’s to Black History Month, from the prediction of the next six weeks’ weather to President’s Day, there is something to stir the soul.

Good or bad, you’re sure to feel passionate about the upcoming weather. Here are 3 links related to Groundhog Day that will keep you calm in spite of the weather outside.

Groundhog Concentration Game

Recommended Groundhog Websites

Reader Reviews of Groundhog Sites

4 President’s Day Links for Fun and Learning

President’s Day Recommended Sites

President’s Day Activities

President’s Day Coloring Pages

5 Links to Help You Channel that Valentine Love

Valentine Coloring Pages

Valentine’s Day Fun

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Online Valentine Coloring

Black History Month Will Inspire You to Dream: 4 Links

Test Your Black History Knowledge here.

About Black History Month

Martin Luther King Jr. Coloring Pages

Info About Underground Railroad

As if all this emotion wasn’t enough to stir you, make sure you stop by Light A Fire with quotes that suit every mood and occasion.

Now simmer down with a nice cup of tea. See you on the ‘net!


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